We specialize in providing effective communication between laboratories, physicians, and patients. Using our cutting-edge technology, we provide interfaces that deliver clean orders and secure results, eliminating the risk of human errors and delays. We maximize efficiency so you can focus on what matters – your patients.
Flexible Integration and Interfaces
At CareEvolve, we are dedicated to connecting labs with their customers. Whether you are a Clinical or Anatomic pathology, molecular, genetics, toxicology or pain management lab we provide flexible solutions that put you at the forefront of healthcare technology. The CareEvolve application is flexible enough to fit the needs of many types of laboratories.
Connection made easy
We pride ourselves on developing the latest technology to simplify IT processes, comply with the latest regulations, decrease ordering and billing errors, and enable quicker turnaround. You won’t have to worry about connecting with your customers – we’ll take care of that so you can take care of them.
Powered By Medical and IT Expertise
We understand the pressures of modern healthcare and will help you bridge the gap between medicine and information technology. Our U.S.-based team of experienced lab and IT experts are ready and eager to help your lab embrace the future of healthcare connectivity. We solve your most complicated issues, creating a better experience for you, your providers, and your patients.
Integration Services
Our integration services maximize efficiency through an electronic, end-to-end workflow. We eliminate human labor and errors by implementing electronic orders, results reporting, and billing. Save your time and benefit from our experience.
  • EMR and EHR interfaces
  • PMS interfaces
  • LIS interfaces
  • ADT interfaces
  • Custom interfaces
Our provider portal is known for its leading functionality – it’s easy to use, fast, and secure. Built using cloud-based software, our portal is platform independent, browser agnostic and accessible wherever, no matter the device.
  • No configuration of end user hardware
  • Responsive design
  • 24/7 access to electronic orders and results
  • CLIA, CAP and HIPAA compliant
  • Custom branding
  • No hidden fees
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