Our portals let healthcare providers, laboratories, nursing homes and patients easily access medical information. Whether you’re on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, the information you need is available at your fingertips.
Provider Portals
Electronic Orders
For so many years, labs have struggled with the idea of “clean orders.” With labs dealing with as much as a 40% rejection level on reimbursement, the effort to capture accurate billing and diagnosis data on the original order has been a focus for many throughout the industry. Electronic orders generated by the CareEvolve portal or integration solution capture all crucial billing and testing information generating clean orders.

CareEvolve’s electronic orders are fully compliant with the latest government regulations and requirements.
Results Reporting

Reports are available to providers at all times. The CareEvolve application enables quick review, printing, and trending of patient data. End users can view results via a secure internet connection or direct integration into their EMR/EHR system. Both options are designed for a cost-efficient and time-saving workflow, eliminating the need for remote printers, faxes, computer hardware, and support resources.

The results viewing functionality comes with many features. In addition to viewing and printing results, the CareEvolve portal allows users to trend reports, run cumulative reports for individual patients, forward reports to other providers or to patients, run population health reports and generate global results reports.

Patient Service Center
(PSC Module)

CareEvolve has developed an industry leading workflow for patient service centers. PSCs can order tests across any practice for any provider with a paper requisition or electronic order submitted via the CareEvolve application or from a provider’s EMR.

Providers are able to place an order in their CareEvolve Portal or EMR which can be retrieved, printed and executed at any remote patient service center or draw site.

PSC manifest lists summarize samples ready for transport saving labor and reducing the chance of sample delays.

Nursing Home Features

CareEvolve has worked with all types of laboratories. Some CareEvolve customers only service nursing homes and as a result, CareEvolve has developed some very strong functionality surrounding the workflow of a nursing home. Some of the features the CareEvolve application provide are specialized standing orders management and daily phlebotomy draw lists enabling more efficient specimen collections.

Mobile and Smart Devices

CareEvolve built a mobile platform, not just an app like many other competitors. The CareEvolve mobile platform is built with responsive design. It is platform independent and browser agnostic. With this state of the art technology the system identifies the type of device accessing the system and will redesign the screen optimized for the device. This technology allows providers and patients to access their lab results from any device using any browser.

Our touch-optimized technology allows easy access to lab results and information from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Now, lab results are securely available whenever and wherever the provider needs them.

Patient Results Portals

Build better patient relationships by providing detailed, accurate lab results through our Patient Results Portal.

With CareEvolve’s 24/7 access, your patients can stay informed from their desktop or mobile device. Patients receive email notifications when results are available, and they can print or electronically save results, as well as review past results for comparison.

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