CareEvolve provides solutions which enable providers to function with greater efficiency and security. With CareEvolve as your technology partner, your laboratory and clients will be ahead of a fast changing, evolving healthcare technology industry. With direct communication between laboratories, providers and patients, we provide a transparent, complete picture of results for more informed decisions.
EMR and EHR Interfaces

CareEvolve specializes in seamlessly connecting laboratories to all types of client systems. Our robust, proprietary and custom built interface engine allows us to connect to every commercially available Electronic Health Record and Laboratory Information System to simplify operations, decrease billing errors, and improve client satisfaction.
Those who have lived the EMR integration experience know EMR/EHR interfaces function in two major connectivity architectures:

Hub and Spoke configuration

CareEvolve creates a channel directly to the EMR/EHR vendor. All data is transmitted through this channel to the physician’s EMR.

Point to Point configuration

CareEvolve builds an interface directly to each electronic medical record.

LIS Interfaces

Our Laboratory Information System interfaces make transmitting laboratory orders and results easy – information flows between the physician’s practice and laboratory system providing full auditable, trackable communication.

Many laboratories service physician office labs or provide testing to other hospitals or laboratories. For these customers, we can build bidirectional interfaces to outside laboratory information systems.

For Reference Lab Interfaces, we can build and support bi-directional interfaces to our customer’s reference labs complete with test compendiums and insurance routing rules.

PMS Interfaces

CareEvolve builds interfaces and bridges to end user systems for the transmission of demographics and billing information. Our Practice Management System bridges provide real-time single record extraction of patient demographics and insurance information to keep your billing up-to- date. CareEvolve’s innovative technology eliminates entry errors and duplicate entry of critical information by auto-completing the requisition form for you.

Instrument-ready Barcode Interfaces

At the highest level of integration, CareEvolve has the ability to build instrument ready bar codes at the time of the order with specimen instructions to the person doing the draw. IR bar codes allow specimens to be received at the lab and placed immediately on instrumentation, reducing turnaround time and eliminating processing errors.

CareEvolve’s ADT Cloud is a proprietary product that keeps patient centric records updated and available to your outreach customers. In addition, we provide custom interfaces for billing systems, HIEs, registration and many other applications.

ADT and Custom Interfaces
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