We work with hospitals outreach programs, regional laboratories, reference laboratories and speciality laboratories to exchange orders and results with physician providers. Our expertise and industry-leading services provide a robust, scalable solution for any type of laboratory.

Clinical and Anatomic Pathology
  • Transfer and store results in any format including HL7, PDF reports, and other image-based reports
  • Workflow accommodates registration in LIS or an alternate registration system before the order is placed
  • Provides customizable, detailed ordering screens to service anatomic and surgical pathology requirements
  • Electronic orders and medical necessity checks ensure clean complete orders
  • Detailed, customized “ask at order entry” questions
  • Order checks and edits ensure mistakes aren’t made during the ordering process
Molecular and Genetics
  • Register patients and place orders directly from the lab website
  • Register clients (providers) online through the CareEvolve customized user interface
  • Clinical information such as family pedigrees, patient histories, prior condition reports, insurance documents and signatures can be uploaded to the laboratory through CareEvolve
  • Orders can be placed on hold awaiting insurance benefits verification
  • Patient results may be reported in a variety of styles appropriate for the type of test
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Toxicology and Pain Management
  • Positive specimen identification using unique AUTO12-A barcodes placed on the sample vials and laboratory paperwork. The original sample barcode serves as a unique identifier at all stages of the receiving and testing process.
  • Current drug therapies are recorded using customized “ask at order entry” questions.
  • Clinical information, patient data, billing information and medication history can be added to the order and transmitted to the laboratory prior to testing.
  • Patient results may be reported in a variety of styles appropriate for drug screens, therapeutic and quantitative results.
  • Ability to forward results to a Medical Review Officer.
Imaging and More
  • Transmit demographics and insurance information to a radiology scheduling system
  • Automatically print orders at the imaging center in real-time
  • Order and check medical necessity tests
  • View DICOM image format
  • Single sign-on to a PACS server
  • Hospitals also use CareEvolve for services outside the laboratory such as cardiology, catheterization lab reports, admit/discharge summaries, patient notes, and any other report the hospital generates that needs to be sent to a provider
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