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Results Reporting

Clinical results are immediately available to providers for review, printing, and trending.




Clinical reports (laboratory, pathology, radiology, imaging, cardiology and others) are available via a secure internet connection or may be integrated into the providers EMR/EHR system.


Reports may be automatically printed at preset times or intervals for providers that prefer to review paper reports.


Designed for customers that deliver paper reports by courier. All reports for a courier route will print at pre-set times.


Laboratory Benefits

Eliminates remote printers, faxes, and computer hardware saving capital expense and support labor.

Results are available immediately upon release from the lab eliminating phone calls for results.

CareEvolve’s  web based software and patient data reside on a secure hosting facility, eliminating the need for  extensive software support from the lab or local IT resources.


Client Benefits

Clinical Results are available 24x7 through the internet.

Clinical laboratory, Anatomic Pathology, imaging, and radiology reports can be stored and viewed in CareEvolve eliminating chart pulls.

Providers may set their own custom alert ranges.


Cumulative patient graphs are available for trending over time

 Cumulative Report tabular printout

Cumulative report graphic printout


 Reports can be auto printed at pre-scheduled intervals if providers prefer to review results on paper.


Bone Marrow analysis report