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Mobile and Smart Devices


New Market Influences combine Medicine and Technology

  • The government HITECH act links physician reimbursement to computerized order entry (CPOE) and storage of structured lab results in the EHR
  • Physicians now do more work remotely from their offices.
  • The latest mobile devices connect readily to the internet and support diverse, powerful, applications.
  • The next wave of young doctors is both technically savvy and accustomed to accessing information anytime, anywhere.

What does this mean to clinical outreach?

The behavior of your Physician Users is changing. Make sure you can stay up with the technology changes!


Smart phone showing the CareEvolve application

CareEvolve on a smart phone - Lab results at your clients’ fingertips


Tablet computer showing the CareEvolve application

 CareEvolve's browser independent touch-optimized software is easy to use on smart phones and tablets.

“Lab results at your fingertips”.

The CareEvolve software supports the use of iPhone, Droids, Blackberry, and other smart phones.

The software is also compatible with iPad and Android-based smart tablet devices.