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EMR EHR LIS and PMS Interfaces

EHR, EMR and PMS interfaces simplify operations, decrease billing errors, improve client satisfaction and add competitive immunity.


CareEvolve.EMR/EHR - Connect

EMR and EHR interfaces

CareEvolve specializes in both placing results into EMR and EHRs as well as capturing orders from them both.  The government HITECH act links physician reimbursement to computerized order entry.  With more than 2000 live interfaces to over 300 different EMR and EHR vendors and expert project management, EMR and EHR interfaces are simple, fast and cost effective.

Hub and Spoke - The architecture of many of the EMR/EHR vendors allows CareEvolve to interface in a “Hub and Spoke” configuration. In this configuration, CareEvolve communicates directly to the vendor who relays the communications to their accounts. Once the first CareEvolve connection is made to the EMR/EHR vendor, additional interfaces require little development and the client’s validation effort is significantly reduced.
Schematic diagram of Hub & Spoke Configuration

EMR Hub and Spoke Configuration

CareEvolve currently has this Hub and Spoke interfacing technology in place with all of the major vendors with this ability. We will continue to add vendors as they add this capability.


Point to Point - This traditional method of interfacing can be used with EMR/EHR vendors that do not have Hub and Spoke capability. In this configuration CareEvolve interfaces directly to each physician practice’s system.


Schematic diagram of Point to Point Configuration

EMR Point to Point Configuration


CareEvolve.PMS - Connect

PMS bridges

CareEvolve’s real time bridge technology eliminates provider’s duplicate entry of patient demographics and insurance information.  The bridge retrieves information from the PMS or EMR and auto fills the requisition form ensuring that you have the most current demographic and insurance information for billing.


CareEvolve.LIS - Connect

LIS interfaces

CareEvolve provides full featured bidirectional interfaces to your LIS system to transmit orders and results between you and your clients. Whether we are connecting you to an affiliated hospital, customer hospital, or physician office laboratory, CareEvolve has the experience and expertise to interface with all types of laboratory systems.