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Electronic Orders

Electronic orders are legible, complete, and compliant with medical necessity guidelines



Dollar bill rolled and stuck into a test tubeCareEvolve.Orders



Laboratory Benefits

Electronic orders are legible and complete eliminating the labor of phone calls to the client’s office
Orders flow directly from the CareEvolve system into your lab’s computer system eliminating manual accessioning

Specimen labels are printed at the time of draw reducing the chance of specimen mis-identification

Orders have been through medical necessity check and ABN forms have been generated when required.  Reduces time required to bill, the number of rejections, and bad debt write offs.

Providers are able to place an order in their CareEvolve Portal which can be retrieved, printed and executed at any remote patient service center or draw site.

 Screen capture of an electronic lab requisition

Client Benefits

Clients may enter electronic orders in their EMR system or use CareEvolve’s stand alone option.

Customized order entry screen simplifies entry by including favorite tests and most commonly used diagnosis

Real time connection with Practice Management system eliminates duplicate entry of patient and insurance information.


Special features for Patient Service Centers and Nursing Homes

Orders in CareEvolve can be retrieved at any Patient Service Center (PSC) when the patient arrives.

PSC manifest lists summarize samples ready for transport saving labor and reducing the chance of sample delays.

Specialized standing orders management and daily phlebotomy draw lists streamline Nursing Home collections.